Sweet Things epub

May 22, 2011

Sweet Things was initially a fun little idea I got about 4 years ago. Walking around the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Wired Next Fest I saw the Blurb booth. Dave said, “you can write a book”. So I did. This was October, 2008. It took until the beginning of December, 2008 to put the first edition of the basic book together. I think it had like 50 pages. I gave them away as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

The next year, in November I was invited to appear on the “Girls Night Out” show in Vermont with Toney Pozek for GNAT-TV in Manchester, VT. I made four recipes from my book in front of a live audience. It was taped as was shown in Public Access stations around New England. Hot Chocolate, Granola, Pecan Sticky Buns and Savory Ricotta Tortes were enjoyed by the audience. My sister Judy came along and helped with a ton of stuff. The day before, I did a book signing at Northshire Bookstore, in Manchester and brought my chocolate cookies for the crowd. It was an exhausting and aweseome weekend.

That year I updated the book to it’s second edition and added many more recipes bringing the book to about 100 pages. I added a savory section and more recipes that I had left out of the first edition.

Cut to April, 2010. The iPad came out. I got my Dad one the first week. He was feeling the effects of his metastasized melanoma so I figured this would help him read the newspaper, etc. I didn’t think I wanted one but I got an iPad for my birthday in September, 2010. I love it. I love reading books on it and the apps are awesome. I haven’t purchased the iPad2 yet but might soon.

So in January, 2011 I was travelling and thought I should convert my little book for iPad. I started researching and getting into it in February. I bought Adobe InDesign and was off. Since February I have been trying to figure out, by trial and error (the way I work best), how to make a epub book and how to make it in a “fixed layout” format. Let me tell you, it’s NOT easy! And there is very little information out there to draw from.

I just finished the book, with more recipes (natch) and uploaded it to the iBookstore about an hour ago. I’ll let you know when it’s live!

June 1, 2011 UPDATE:   The book is live!  The book is live!   Get it in the iBookstore here!


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