Spaghetti Giganti

August 19, 2013


I bought the Spaghetti Giganti to use as strings for the Guitar Cake.  Turns out dental floss worked better as strings.   The pasta was definitely LONG enough…I mean it’s 37 inches long!  Yes, that’s right, more than 3 times longer than regular spaghetti.   I can’t even fit it into my cabinets.   Too long.   So it’s been standing up against the wall for the past 2 weeks.   I think it’s going to be there for a while because two servings is like a dime sized portion.   Or a ring.  Just take your ring off and whatever fits in the ring is plenty.
So now I have like 100 servings of pasta so I better get crackin’ and start eating it!

The farmer’s market was still great today.  Stone fruit is waning but there were still tons of tomatoes and other yummy things.  I got a bunch of cherry tomatoes, asparagus and basil.   Mmmm, sounds like pasta tonight!

Now I had to figure out how to cook it! I don’t have a humongous pot to cook it in.  Even a regular spaghetti pot is like 9-10″ deep.   So I decided to soak the middle so it would bend.  I layed the pasta on a sheet pan filled with hot water and put a pot lid on top so it would submerge the strands.   About 20 minutes or so later the middle of the strand was flexible enough to bend in half.   Then I cooked normally.

I sauted the asparagus in a pan with some leftover pesto from last week.  Once almost cooked I added the cherry tomatoes that were cut in half and tossed with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.  Once the pasta was cooked, I drained it and immediately put it back in the pot then added the tomato/asparagus mixture and tossed in a large bunch of basil.   Toss and serve.

Only 99 more dinners to go.



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