Photo Weekend

May 10, 2012


I took a lot of pictures this weekend!   Yay and finally.   First I went on the Venice Garden Tour.   It’s a looky-loo paradise benefitting the Neighboroood Youth Association Las Douridas Childrens Center.   So it’s a great charity.   Second, I got to shoot film composer David Newman conducting the American Youth Symphony.    So awesome!

Start with the Venice Garden Tour.   I’ve been on the tour almost every year for years and years.  Normally the homes and gardens that are open to visitors are on the West side of Lincoln Boulevard in Venice.   It’s a very dense area with lots of tiny bungalows and a sprinkling of large modern homes.   This year there was not one home West of Venice.  They were all East of Venice.   Different!   It’s a great area filled with $1m to $2 homes.  Crazy.

This year featured so many architectually significant homes by architects Tom Carson, Dennis Gibbens, Daniel Monti, Santiago Ortiz and Ron Radziner  and Gregory Ain.   I did not see them all but I did go to quite a number of them.  It’s unbelievable how people live and the creative force of their living space.   The outdoor spaces rivaled the inside of the homes.    I think my favorite was the Marmol Radziner home on Vienna Way.   I loved the spaces, the step down kitchen and the outdoor rooms but I really loved the furniture and glass lamps.  So beautiful I can’t even imagine myself living in that house but I would like to try!

The second fun thing I did was take photos of David Newman conducting the American Youth Symphony Orchestra in Royce Hall at UCLA.   I’ve met David a few times and worked with him on the Fox Night at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years ago.  He’s a super talent and his wife Krys is just a wonderful person.   So when I helped with the licensing of Danny Elfman’s Edward Scissorhands music for this program I invited myself to take photos of the rehearsal.

I had full access to the stage and room and it was awesome.  The music sounded fantastic and watching David Newman work was even better.  He has incredible focus.   I am happy with the pictures and only wish I had the same access during the actual performance.   Maybe next time.

Royce Hall at UCLA

David Newman conducting AYS

David Newman conducting AYS

David Newman conducting AYS

David Newman conducting AYS

Venice Garden Tour



step down kitchen


Anish Kapoor, Japanese Mirror

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