April 8, 2013

Well it all came off without a hitch.  The whole thing.  The surprise and the second surprise!

Katy and I met in the Miami airport.   She arrived first and waited for me outside my gate.   I was so excited the day finally came.  I booked the trip in June, 2012!   We gave Katy the trip on Christmas and here it was finally March 30th and we were going to Paris.

The second surprise was making me very nervous.   It goes back to Oscar day.  I was fixin to go to an Oscar party and got a email.  Meagan was watching Food Network and saw a show about Paris and got the bug.   She researched flights then emailed to see if she could tag along.  Of course!  Yes!  I was excited!  So she booked the flight and got the week off of work and the second surprise was in the works…..
Meagan’s flights were arriving 1/2 hour before me and Katy.   The plan was she was going to walk from her terminal to ours and meet us.   Of course when we landed she said she was waiting at baggage claim 61…but we were at 6.   I told her to hightail it over to us and meanwhile I was worried I’d have to spill the beans to Katy while we waited for Meagan.

Well we got our bags and made out way out to meet the driver.   Right outside of customs I see the driver… Ack where is Meagan??!  What am I going to do!  Then a moment later I hear “Aunt Cathy”!   There she was!  Sweaty and pink faced from walking from one end of Charles de Gaulle to the other but she made it!   I hugged her and looked for Katy who was stuck in a crowd of people coming out of customs.   She spotted me and then spotted Meagan.  Surprise!!   Eep!  We were all together!  The car was just steps outside of the terminal door and it seemed like in seconds we were in the car and on our way….chitter chattering the whole way with excitement.   Image

We all had such a great time in Paris.  Katy was wide eyed and open to all experiences.   Meagan was full of energy and information and excitement about everything.

We hit all the usual spots and ran around like crazy but we didn’t over do it.  We still had calm mornings and evenings – so that was nice.

Sunday:   arrive, Eiffel Tower, BatoBus on the Seine, lunch and nap!
Monday:   Metro to Galeries Lafayette then Sacre Coure & Montmartre
Tuesday:  Saint Germaine de Pres, Pont de Arts Bridge, Notre Dame, Sainte Chappelle,  Angelina hot chocolate
Weds:  lunch at Sony/ATV, Champs Elysee, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe
Thursday:  lunch at l’Arpege, Bon Marche shopping, tea at Leutecia hotel
Friday:  train to Palace de Versailles
Saturday:  fly home

Katy Parisienne


Tour Eiffel

Katy & Meagan

Apartment Stairs

Katy & Megan

Meagan & Katy Louvre

Katy & Meagan

L'Arpege Toast


Goodnight Paris


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