I’m On TV!

May 25, 2011

Fran and I went to Dancing With The Stars and I got on TV!   I’m the one just to the left of Kym Johnson’s head – all lit up.  We were about 5 rows back and it was kind of hard to see but it was really fun.  The most interesting thing is every seat was assigned.  When we first walked into the studio it was surprising to see that every seat had a piece of paper taped on to the front with everyone’s name on it!   Crazy.  The amount of work that goes into that kind of thing!  But the fun thing was we could see where all of the stars were going to sit.    Kelly Preston to the left, Rita Moreno right behind us (she was a no show), Jennifer Grey, Margaret Cho, Brandy on the right, Jonas Bros across the way.   The owners of Pinks Hot Dogs had prime seats and they stood out with their hot pink blazers.

The most striking thing was the actual physicality of the dancing.  Seems much harder in person.   They danced faster and stronger in person.  The dance floor seemed a bit smaller but the studio seemed the right size.  Normally, TV studios, actors and stages seem larger on TV than in real life.   Everyone seemed normal sized this time.

Another interesting thing about this audience is that everyone is totally dressed up.  The instruction sheet tells you to wear evening cocktail attire and no jeans!  They don’t care how much they cost!  Funny!   The Oprah Show tells you to wear bright colors.  DWTS wants glamour and sparkles.  I tell you there was a lot of that.   Everyone looked great.

It was fun going with Fran.  She’s a super fan and knew everything.  She’s a Hines Ward fan and she got her wish.  He won.   Yay!

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