Coco Flu & Look Up

November 21, 2012

Coco got the flu.  Poor baby.   It started with a weird sore on her neck that turned into a hot spot.  A trip to the vet and a shave and she was healing up.   Two days later the sneezing starts.   Then she got a fever.   

So we’re on day 5 of the antibiotics and she’s finally starting to feel like herself.  Of course she’s avoiding me like the plague because she thinks I’m going to force the medicine down her throat and put drops up her nose.  Of course I will be doing that but only twice a day!

Her sister Popo just didnt know what to do with herself.  She’s high energy anyway and was running in circles trying to play.   Coco and Popo play really hard but the past week Coco hasnt played at all.   We’re almost back to normal so all is well.

Coco with the flu



On another note, there’s a really cool building in Beverly Hills that you wouldn’t even blink an eye at…until you look up.   There’s a beautiful mosaic / stained glass on the roof.  So pretty!

Beverly Hills Mosiac

Plus there’s a huge new candy store in Hollwood.  I did a lap and snapped this beauty.  Who doesn’t love this guy?

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

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