Canon 5D MK III !!!

March 29, 2012


I mentioned a few days ago that I got the Lytro camera and although cool, I returned it.  I just didn’t see a need.  I like my “regular” camera or what Janet called my “big girl” camera.  I originally got a Canon 5D and was thoroughly challenged.  I learned how to shoot in manual mode with my 5D.   I loved it but was lured by the 5D Mk II.  I mean it shot video so I was really interested.   So I bought it then sold my 5D.   I was sad to see it go but happy to have a new friend.

I learned to shoot video on the 5D Mk II.  It’s so cool and fun and challenging.  I really love taking photos but my new challenge is video.   I created a bunch of videos for the enhanced ebook version of my book, Sweet Things..mentioned here.

So Janet has the 7D and Haydee has the 60D.  Both great cameras and newer than mine.  Canon added a lot more features on both of those cameras.  Multiple frame rates, more focus points and a nice hand.   The 7D is becoming a driver in the SLR video world.  Not the the 5D MK II isnt but the 7D can shoot 24 and 60 fps so that’s really handy.

So needless to say I am a coveter and want to keep up on my equipment.  I’ve been reading various blogs about Canon rumors.  What’s going to be the next iteration of the 5D?  Will is be a 2D a 3D?  Turns out last month we found out it was the 5D MK III and it will combine some features of the 1D and the 7D.  I was thrilled.   As soon as I could order it I did.  Today it arrived.

It’s very similar to the MK II but different.  It sounds different, there’s new buttons, the on/off is in a different place.  I need to learn!  I’m excited to explore the manual and figure out the new features.   And shoot video.

One of the interesting new features is the ISO is really high.  The MK II went to 6400 but the 5D goes to ISO 25,600!!!  It can be “pushed” to over 100k – not sure what that means yet but supposedly you can shoot in the dark and get a photo.  Will test that.

Here’s my first few shots at ISO 10,000 and 25,600.


Didi High ISO!

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